A perfect fit is crucial to being successful. Diamond ultimately combines ready-to-use and tailor-made software. Making it just that.

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The more effective you are when it comes to completing day-to-day tasks, the more potential your business has for greater success. Boost your productivity by implementing systems to streamline these processes. Keeping up with new technology can help you save money, time and other resources. Be fully in control. And carry your business forward.

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For form creators

The way most form builders work is relatively straightforward. You create labels and questions for the pieces of information you're looking to collect. Respondents use the text boxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, and more to provide that information. In most cases you can also set certain fields as required or optional and restrict the types of responses you receive to have control over the data you collect.

Explore all key benefits and highlighted features

For form users

Filling in forms can be quite annoying. Typing data you typed in over, over, and over before. You need forms to be filled in with as little effort as possible. Or you'll dropout. Using Diamond you can create comprehensive forms form users understand. You can put yourself into the situation of form users by choosing live preview option. Experience the form, put your assumptions to the test and improve the form accordingly.

Explore all key benefits and highlighted features

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