Remain flexible and scalable in the logistics world

Due to the innovations within the logistics market, there is a lot of opportunity for rapid growth and development. Shippers, carriers, storage locations and other logistics service providers are increasingly benefiting from new IT possibilities. Standing still is going backwards, take advantage of your competitors now with Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs.

The transport and logistics sector is often still referred to as small-scale, traditional and conservative. Major technological innovations will be introduced in the coming years. With Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs you are a pioneer and one step ahead of your competitors. Diamond offers added value for every department, from driver to work planner to financial control.

Your main benefits

Diamond gives you unlimited opportunities to streamline your ongoing processes and gain competitive advantage. Due to its flexibility and increasing functionalities, Diamond has added value for every step in the supply chain.

  • Make calculations and quotes directly via interactive quote forms.
  • Quickly and easily adjust your forms and workflows yourself without an IT department.
  • Link forms to your damaged Excel files and/or internal or external calculation tools via the data connector.
  • Work without retyping or filling in incorrect forms.
  • Facilitate electronic waybills and inspection reports.
  • Declare your forms in the languages ​​of all the countries in which you operate.
  • Make requests for permits via a GDPR proof and digitally signed form.
  • Easily handle the application and onboarding of employees.
  • Make an inventory of your work material.
Alle features van Diamond

With the flexibility that you get with Diamond, you can immediately respond to adjustments and changes within your logistics organization. In addition, you immediately comply with the GDPR and security requirements and your work becomes faster, more precise, more scalable and easier. Exactly what you need as a logistics service provider.

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Submit a quote immediately

When issuing quotations, the speed of feedback plays an increasingly important role in the selection criterion of customers. Existing time-consuming processes with a lot of control work can easily be replaced with Diamond. With Diamond you can create your own interactive quote forms that:

  • instantly make and display calculations
  • create a personalized quote as a PDF and email it to the customer
  • pay online and generate the final invoice
  • automatically save the data in your back office

Interactive quotes

Offerte software Diamond

Multilingual support

Formulieren in alle talen

International (growth) opportunities

Logistic processes do not stay within the boundaries, so a language barrier can be an obstacle. Not with Diamond. You can easily create forms in any language in the world.

Analyzing and managing the responses remains simple because all responses can be exported in one file. You can of course manage the different languages ​​for each form so that you have the ultimate focus on your contacts.​

The story of

GGD Haaglanden

GGD Haaglanden uses Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs to create flexible forms. These forms are used both for personally inviting medical professionals to relevant meetings and for the registration of attendees. Using Diamond Forms, they publish these forms on their website without IT support. That works!

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Medische formulieren
The story of


NIVRE has started only taking tests via Diamond wih online forms. Enthusiastic about the extensive possibilities and ease of creating forms yourself, the various application forms for a NIVRE registration, PE points and complaints were added at a rapid pace.

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Insurance forms software
The story of


Compliance with internal security requirements is of crucial importance to Allianz. The secure storage and exchange of data was the deciding factor to choose Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs for their online forms.

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Form software Allianz
The story of

Markel Insurance

Markel Insurance uses the forms with automatic actions from Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs to make processes more efficient. Requesting, preparing and adjusting quotations is smooth and without labour-intensive manual handling. That saves Markel time and money.

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Insurance forms software
The story of

Polaris Assuradeuren

Polaris Assuradeuren uses digital forms by Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs to organize the settlement process with its clients as optimally as possible. The extensive options for personal invitations, pre-filled forms and automatic reminders made Polaris choose for Diamond.

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Naverrekening Proces Overleg

System integrations

Internationale formulieren software

Speed ​​up work processes

Re-filling known data over and over again is seen as one of the most annoying obstacles in filling out forms. With Diamond, already known data is pre-filled and you can automatically process the completed additional information in your systems. It is possible to create links with:

  • web services
  • all kinds of APIs
  • excel files
  • Low Code tools (such as Silicon, Powerapps and Outsystems)

Overview of all work materials

Keeping an overview of all work material can be a time-consuming task. An inventory form is then an effective tool. By making clever use of repeating question sets you can add and send all materials in one form. It is also always possible to save the form in the meantime so that the progress is not lost.

Material inventory

Inventarisatie software forms

Safety and compliance

Formulieren Software Rollen En Rechten

Work securely

When using forms with privacy-sensitive information strict security measures are required by law. With Diamond you meet the following security and GDPR requirements:

  • categorization of fields and forms
  • 100% data erasure
  • automatic periodic deletion of entered data
  • legally valid signatures
  • extensive user management with user-defined rights and roles
  • data encryption
  • periodic pen tests
  • hosting on premise or in the cloud in the Netherlands at a professional data center

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