Integrate with all systems and data

With the Diamond data connector, linking online forms to other systems is a piece of cake. And with the API of Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs, you can call Diamond from your own environment. This way you can link everything quickly and easily.

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Flexible data connector

Straight Through Processing

Does your organization work with multiple systems where things are manually retyped and data is not properly exchanged? With the Diamond data connector, you can read and write data from
•    Databases
•    Excel files
•    Internal or external webservices and API’s

With the available Diamond API you can create and send forms from your environment and then retrieve the answers. You can seamlessly integrate all processes, make maximum use of data and your work processes run smoothly, flawlessly, quickly and safely. And all that very quickly via simple low code configuration, without programming!


Diamond can be linked with almost all applications and databases. Here you will find an overview of the previously implemented integrations. Is your system not listed? Don't worry, because of the flexible design, a link can often be configured quickly. The Diamond team is happy to help you.

Back-office software
Insurance platforms
External data sources
Payment providers
Authentication and E-signing
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Just ask us

What integration do you need?

Are you looking for a complete integration within a specific business process that is unique to your organization and where a different integration or link is required? Then it is good to know that the Diamond team has extensive experience to develop these quickly and reliably. Where possible, we use an existing solution. After the integration, the new link is extensively tested to make sure everything works and no data is lost.

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