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Is data manually processed in documents that must be drawn up in your corporate identity and sent manually to your relations? Don't let drawing up quotes, contracts and certificates slow down your work. With the Diamond document generator you automatically generate documents from form data.
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Do your employees manually process collected data in documents that must be drawn up in your house style and then manually sent to your relations? Don't let the preparation of documents such as quotations, contracts and certificates slow down your work, automatically generate documents from form data with the Diamond document generator.

Web forms to completely formatted files

Data entered in a Diamond form can be automatically used within a generated Word, PDF and/or Excel file.

Diamond's automatic document generation:

  • Document templates in your corporate identity, from your own Word documents or from standard templates.
  • Add advanced features such as conditional tables, join columns, or calculations to your template.
  • Have fields filled by creating links to various data sources
  • (databases and API).
  • Define references to questions and input values.
  • Set document generator formatting per department or subsidiary organization.
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Process generated documents immediately

With Diamond you determine not only which documents are generated, but also how they are further processed. For example, you can send a document directly back to the end user, so that it can be obtained immediately.

  • Easily send generated documents to your relations via automatic email actions.
  • Automatically process documents in your systems and databases.
  • Use conditions in forms to determine which parts are processed or not.

Document generator functionalities

With Diamond's extensive functions, automating processes is arranged in a few simple steps. Check out Diamond's exceptional document generator features.

Define your own document templates

With Diamond, you can merge entered data with a document template into a Word or PDF document. Add your own document template, or start with one of the available basic templates and personalize it as desired. You can also add advanced functionality, such as conditional tables, to your document template yourself.

Extensive style editor

With the Diamond style editor you have control over the design of your forms. You can insert your logo, set your house style preferences and add your own font, specify the font size and line spacing or add the header and footer of your website in your own style template. You are using forms with no visible Diamond branding.

Add dependencies to questions

Dependencies allow you to intelligently guide your relations through the form. An answer to a question can make another question or part of the form no longer relevant. Depending on the answers given, you can show or hide questions (sets), skip sections and pages. Due to the flexible set-up, almost every conceivable dependence can be realized. Also the outcome of a calculation or a combination of answers.

Extensive document generator

With the document generator, you can create all the templates you need for professional communication with your relations. The possibilities are endless. Use your own Word documents as a style template or download and personalize the available basic template. Define the references to questions and entered values to merge entered data into Word and PDF documents that are sent to your relation immediately after completing a form. In addition to the standard options, Diamond offers advanced functionality such as conditional tables. Or you can even add the generated documents as a parameter to a web service.

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Manage your documents

Diamond links the power of online forms with the document generator and workflow automation. This makes it easy to manage your documents, by sending them directly to the right contact person or having them written to the desired folders.

With Diamond's roles and rights structure, you can determine who is allowed to manage and maintain which documents and who is allowed to generate which types of documents. Log files allow you to see when each file was generated and which employee had access to the document.


Increase loyalty with direct feedback

Nowadays almost everyone expects an immediate response to information they provide you, don't keep your relations waiting too long. With Diamond's automatic document generation, you deliver feedback without delay with applicable documents. Tailor-made for your relationship, and fully in line with your branding.

Dynamic forms are supplemented with data from your own systems for a smooth user experience. Show your relationship directly variable cost calculations or personalized training certificates, are they satisfied with what they see? With Diamond's e-sign options, a legally valid agreement can be given through digital signing.

Our customers use the Diamond document generator for, among other things:

  • quotes and policies 
  • online payments and billing
  • subsequent settlements
  • contracts
  • certificates and diplomas
  • registrations and registrations
  • evaluations

Show professional, personal Word and PDF documents in line with what your relationship expects. Use Diamond's document generator.


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Digital signatures

Connect the strenght of document generation with digital signatures. Sign policies and quotations with one click, in a legally sound manner. 

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Online payments

Allow online payments in your online forms. Diamond can be linked to all well-known online payment providers.

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