Save valuable time and respond quickly to market developments

Do you want to respond immediately to market changes? With Diamond you get started with online forms right away, without complex trainings or high investments.

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Get started right away

Diamond is easy to start with and use for every employee in every department. Time-consuming processes are digitized in an instant. Respond quickly to internal and external market developments and experience immediate results and a fast ROI.


Work intuitively

One of Diamond's principles is simplicity. Based on commonly used interaction principles, Diamond is self explaining and can be used without a manual. Using drag and drop and showing context based actions, it’s easy to understand.

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Information analysis and process design

Expert advice 

When setting up online forms, organizations often have insufficient insight into the available information, processes and the desired situation. Diamond's experienced consultants can support you in this challenge with information analysis and process design. Delevering smootly running processes and a clear insight in possible improvements. And if your time is rare, we can help you setting up your forms too.

Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs team

These Diamond functionalities help you speed up your time-to-market

Professional support

Work together with a partner who is committed to realizing your wishes. For more than 15 years, we have been implementing, designing, developing and servicing online solutions and application integrations for various clients, being active in sectors like financial services, education and healthcare. We deliver high-quality services within short response times and provide direct feedback and support for your organization.

Online support portal

If you need our support, you can use our user-friendly SupportNet, the ticket system where we can work together online. Do you have a wish or a technical question? Then you can easily send it to us. An experienced colleague ensures that your report is picked up and handled fast and professionally. Are you struggling? Using Teams or Teamviewer we can easily work together to see what is going on.

Data exchange with other software

The possibilities to connect to external sources when retrieving or writing back data are endless. Store data entered by the form user in your own systems and pre-load form fields and show calculations by connecting to internal and external databases, Excel sheets and APIs.

You can specify in detail when data actions should be performed, making you fully in control.

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Intuitive form editor

You can easily drag questions onto your form using the intuitive form editor. By switching to the explorer, a structured overview of your form is immediately displayed. Questions, question sets, sections or entire pages are simply dragged and dropped within the form, copied with one mouse click, or saved as a set for other forms. You have direct access to all relevant form settings such as design, submission actions and sharing options.

Extensive document generator

With the document generator, you can create all the templates you need for professional communication with your relations. The possibilities are endless. Use your own Word documents as a style template or download and personalize the available basic template. Define the references to questions and entered values to merge entered data into Word and PDF documents that are sent to your relation immediately after completing a form. In addition to the standard options, Diamond offers advanced functionality such as conditional tables. Or you can even add the generated documents as a parameter to a web service.

Copy and reuse existing forms

Copying and reusing existing forms can be done in the blink of an eye. When copying, questions, layout and settings  are saved as a draft form and existing responses are excluded. You can then customize the new form, publish and share it via URL, QR code and email or post it on your website.

Handy forms library

With our smart form templates, Diamond makes it easy for you to digitize your business processes. With  a single click, the new form is created and you can easily adapt it to your own specific situation.

Save parts of a form as your own set

Diamond offers the option to save one or more elements on your form, including all controls, as a separate set. You can easily reuse these sets in your other forms. For example for a standard address block. Diamond also offers a number of ready-made sets as standard for, for example, the IBAN, international phone number, and nationalities.

Forms library

The efficiency of Diamond itself

Valuable time can be lost when repetitive tasks are not automated. Diamond makes you spend less time on these recurring activities. For example, by enabling the copying of forms, sets or questions.
With a library of standard forms, question sets and questions reuse is easy. A library which you can adapt as you see fit and expand with increasingly comprehensive functionalities. Leading to your own corporate library with commonly used forms and question sets.

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Flexible software that matches your speed and organization

Do you use many different types of forms within your organization? Is the same data entered and used by different departments and employees in different systems? Diamond is the solution for your organization.

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Time management
Make your organization work more efficiently

Does your organization waste a lot of time on retyping, correcting errors and looking up information? Are paper lists or Excel files kept in a maze of folders on your corporate network or in personal e-mail boxes? With Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs you can run your business more efficiently with digital forms that work for you.

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Improve your image and user experience

Do your relations have to fill out old-fashioned and clumsy (paper) forms and do answers take a long time? Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs offers your relations tailor-made, friendly online forms, in your corporate identity.

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Meet the highest safety requirements and work compliant

Meeting high security and compliance requirements, plays an increasingly important role in organizations. Safety, legislation and regulations are important principles of Diamond.

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Make more effective use of existing systems and data

Does your organization work with multiple systems or databases that do not communicate very well? Diamond helps you to integrate your processes and use your internal and external data sources and applications more effectively.

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