Create forms effortlessly

Use Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs to create smart digital forms in your corporate identity. With the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and the many unique functions such as workflow, document generation, digital signature, extensive marketing tools and integration with other systems, Diamond exceeds other solutions.

Be 100% digital and increase customer and employee loyalty, increase your time to market, optimise processes, work more efficiently, and meet all compliance requirements with ease.

SMEs and multinationals in various industries rely on Diamond ​

8 Facets where Diamond shines

Multi Feature


In addition to a forms module, Diamond also contains a document generator, mail generator, digital blockchain signature and a flexible workflow module.



Diamond has a Data connector to read and write data in all known databases and can connect to all web services and APIs.

Direct Contact

Direct contact

Unlike other suppliers, we can be reached directly. In addition, our consultants are happy to help you.

Excel Support

Excel support

Complex calculations can be made via direct Excel formulas in fields or even uploaded Excel sheets.

Big Teams

Big Teams

We also support larger, international companies with templates, multilingual forms, departments and extended rights.



We support versioned forms. Improve your form while it's live.


Customization with guarantee

We provide customization for special customer requirements with the guarantee that they will continue to work with new versions.

Nl Based


Diamond is hosted and serviced from the Netherlands and complies with all GDPR and compliance rules.

Every conceivable type of form 

With Diamond's extensive features, you have forms, workflows and documents in one flexible software solution that suits your organization. See what Diamond can do for you:

Diamond features