Share and receive information digitally in a quick, secure and efficient way

The more effective your business is in completing day-to-day tasks, the more room there is for structural improvement and growth. Boost your productivity by implementing our digital forms software to streamline your processes and carry your business forward.

Key benefits

Speed up and simplify the daily work

Work with straight through processes by preventing unnecessary tasks, retyping and errors. Keeping your business running smoothly and in control.

Offer a better experience for your relations

With short, friendly and pre-filled forms, prospects, customers, employees, partners and other users will flow through a more personal customer experience, and feel confident working with your organization.

Simply be the best in your sector

Organizations which choose for efficiency and growth are more successful than those standing still. Be the best in your sector by investing in innovative forms technology. 

Highlighted features

Applicable everywhere

The business possibilities are endless f.e. internal and external surveys, polls, tests, event registration, onboarding, application forms, evaluations, benchmarks, market research, quoting, process management, workflow etcetera.

Easy form sharing

Share your forms in different ways to match your customer’s needs f.e. by mail, with a QR code or in an iframe.
Make them available publicly, on invitation or within a protected portal.

Unlimited integrations

Integrate with internal and external data to prevent rekeying and errors. Use forms in processes and facilitate straight trough processing with our data connector and own API.

Flexible, secure hosting

Use our secure, ISO and ISAE SOC 2 compliant cloud in Europa, an self-chosen cloud supplier like Azure or Amazon or your own on-premise infrastructure. All options are available and we are happy to help.

Encrypted data

All form data and passwords are stored encrypted and are transferred over secure connections. So you can trust that data is unchangeable and protected.

Tailor-made solutions

Not all business needs are standard. Use our proven, in-house development of exceptional functionality to distinguish yourself even more. While guaranteeing our standard product updates.

Expert consultancy

Make use of our experts to obtain insight into your current situation and the desired end situation. On this basis we help you to apply  Diamond in the best possible way.

Dedicated support

Use our cool support portal or get support by phone and e-mail to help you with every step along the way, directly from the Diamond team itself.

Really understand all options yourself

Words cannot fully convey the actual experience of using Diamond

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