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Fast and simple

With the Diamond Online Forms data connector, linking forms to other applications and data sources is a piece of cake. And with Diamond Online Forms' own API you can automatically create and send forms from your own environment. This way you can link everything quickly and easily

Data connector

Link your systems

In many organizations, a large part of the work still consists of retyping data. This results in wasted time and possible errors, leading to unnecessary corrections. With the Diamond data connector, all this is prevented. Entered data can be automatically processed in your systems and databases and available data can be pre-filled in forms and documents. Your employees can link everything themselves to existing databases, web services, API’s and even Excel files.

Control and validation 

Grip on data quality

Having customers implies having valuable data. With the correct data analysis and management reports you can optimize your business operations and respond to the needs of your customer. But incorrect data will have a negative effect on your organization and your relationship with your customer. Diamond helps you getting and keeping your data quality in perfect condition. By delivering numerous field types, various standard and custom configured checks, and the possibility of automatic data transitions. Using address validation at external data suppliers and pre-filling forms with your own data.

The possibilities to connect to external sources when retrieving or writing back data are endless. Store data entered by the form user in your own systems and pre-load form fields and show calculations by connecting to internal and external databases, Excel sheets and APIs. You can specify in detail when data actions should be performed, making you fully in control.
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Easily set standard input controls such as mandatory entry, maximum number of options and minimum and maximum values. Or define more advanced checks such as specifying the date range and creating your own validations via regular expressions. You can also add your own masks for special formats.
Transform entered data into the correct format for your organization when leaving a form field. Apply various pre-set transformations like uppercase conversion, postal codes and (inter) national telephone numbers. And in addition, define your own transformations using regular expressions.
The Diamond API offers your systems and software access to the system. Secured by uniquely generated secure tokens, this entrance allows your systems to communicate with Diamond’s functionality and exchange data. For example, with the Diamond API, contacts, responses and forms can be retrieved and new forms can be dynamically defined and contacts created and invited.

Diamond API

Automate time-consuming processes

Diamond itself can be controlled from other applications. Via the Diamond API, forms can be dynamically created, relations invited and responses processed. This allows Diamond to be used as the engine for your online forms, with your own systems using them when needed. You can reuse your own saved templates to programmatically create forms that perfectly match your business and processes.