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Build a trustful relation

With the smart, friendly and pre-filled forms in your corporate identity, your relations and employees will experience a personal, service-oriented approach. Diamond Online Forms thus increases the user experience, strengthens loyalty and trust.

Direct feedback

Increase your service

How often does it happen that a question is not clearly completed or that additional questions need to be asked? Then you have to harass your relationship again. Which not only costs you time and money, but is experienced as awkward and frustrating by your relationship.

With Diamond you increase your service by immediately providing your customer with the correct documents, whereby all data and calculations are generated in your house style and are automatically added to the e-mail sent after completing a form.

Prefill forms

Be personal

Nothing is more frustrating for a relation than entering their own information, knowing they are known to you. Use Diamond's data connector to retrieve and use data in your online form for review and correction and save it automatically.

You can easily drag questions onto your form using the intuitive form editor. By switching to the explorer, a structured overview of your form is immediately displayed. Questions, question sets, sections or entire pages are simply dragged and dropped within the form, copied with one mouse click, or saved as a set for other forms. You have direct access to all relevant form settings such as design, submission actions and sharing options.
With Diamond you merge entered data with a document template into a Word and / or PDF document. Add your own standard or start with one of the available basic templates and personalize it as desired. You can add advanced functionality, such as conditional tables, to your document template yourself.
In Diamond, you can easily add logic to entire pages, sections, question sets or individual questions to hide, show, make them mandatory or optional. You can combine conditions before the rule is executed and compare fields with other fields or with a fixed value. This is how you organize your form so that only relevant questions are shown.
If it is not clear in advance how many answers your relationship will give, for example when you ask about completed courses and the date of obtaining the diploma, the user can add the number of answers (sets) himself.
With the Diamond style editor you have control over the design of your forms. You can insert your logo, set your house style preferences and add your own font, specify the font size and line spacing or add the header and footer of your website in your own style template. You are using forms with no visible Diamond branding.
Diamond offers extensive options to define your own email templates for (expired) invitations, reminders, confirmations, and notifications. You can use all contact details as well as the information entered to create personalized email templates. Use the handy merge fields to respond with one template on behalf of different sites.
View and test the form on desktop, tablet and mobile.
Allow your relations to log in to their own form portal to view all forms (to be filled in) and to view all forms already completed. The Diamond team thinks along with you and is happy to develop your portal in your own house style. Includes SAML and AzureAD integration.

Make it easy

Make use of interactivity

Creating a good online form is not the same as placing a paper A4 1-on-1 online. Avoid the error of copying the content 1-on-1. Discover the variety of interactive possibilities that Diamond offers such as interactive help, conditions on fields, sections and forms and repeating sections and fields.

You can post your forms on your website, or share them via a link or a QR code in a folder. For personal forms you can send e-mail invitations with unique links to your relations in one go.

Style templates

Protect your identity

The response is higher with clear and beautiful forms. Diamond offers you the option of completely designing forms in your corporate identity, including your logo, color palette, font and form layout. In addition, you have the option to make exceptions for certain forms, to set up your own start and thank you pages and to add document templates. You can also use your own style for subsidiaries. This way all communication is recognizable and reliable.

Document templates

Quick feedback

All too often, forms have to be processed internally before they are returned to the business partner. That old-fashioned way of communicating no longer works. To keep your business associates engaged and loyal, they expect your response to the information they provide you. Diamond provides your organization with this direct feedback. Immediately in the form, or after completion in an e-mail message, with the appropriate custom document provided with completed, calculated or retrieved data. The possibilities of the documents module are extensive, flexible and support the most complex processes.

Integrated portal

Create transparency

Grant your relations access to the integrated Diamond portal. By bringing all possible forms and already completed forms together in one place, you not only offer convenience, but also transparency for your customers. They don't have to search for messages in their email box and can look up information years later. Your customer has full control over his own data.