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Flexible software solution

Diamond Online Forms is flexible and supports any type of work process. From quotations, intakes, orders and registrations to tests, evaluations and market research. In addition to the many standard functionalities, specific extensions are possible, so that the software perfectly matches your wishes.

Organisation wide

Applicable everywhere

Wherever loose paper or hard-programmed forms are used, switching to digital forms increases quality and saves time. Once you've discovered the power of smart digital forms, you'll find that you can apply it almost anywhere. Sales, marketing, HRM, purchasing, operations and finance: they can all develop and manage their own specific Diamond forms.

Data exchange

Connect to any system

Because as an organization you can define forms yourself and link them to internal or external data and / or systems, Diamond can be used flexibly. The application can be linked to everything, whether it concerns a database, an API (explanation) or an Excel file with complex calculations. In this way, data from any system can be displayed in forms or completed data from forms can be stored directly in other systems. And because of the extensive versioning, you can also adjust forms after they have been put into use.

Diamond offers a wide variety of question types and fields such as file, signature, IBAN number and nationality. You have full control over the settings, such as: auto correct, default and limit values. The possibilities to add your own help and hint texts complete our offer.
With the scoring functionality you can easily transform a form into an online test. For each question you can enter the scores for the possible answers. The final score is automatically calculated using formulas that you can set yourself. You can send the result of the completed test to the participant via an automated e-mail and save it directly in your own system via the data connector.
Organize your forms per department or team and ensure that completed forms reach the right person. With the extensive settings, subsidiaries can fully set up their online forms themselves. This functionality can also be implemented for franchisees.
Make sure the right people have the right rights. You can set exactly whether an employee, department or team can create forms, see or only view and export the results. It is possible to set which departments can manage which forms.
Make sure that the forms end up exactly in the right place after filling in and ensure that follow-up is (possibly) arranged differently.
Complete integration within a specific business process that is truly unique to your organization and where a standard solution is not sufficient? Then it is good to know that the Diamond team has extensive experience in developing additional functionalities quickly and reliably. Diamond offers a 100% upgrade guarantee on the combination of extra functionalities and updates of the standard product.
The possibilities to connect to external sources to retrieve or write data are very extensive. Immediately store data in your own systems once the form has been submitted. You set yourself when data actions should be performed. Retrieved data can be used to fill in fields and can be placed in different text fields via merge fields.
Diamond offers extensive version management in which all changes in a form are tracked over time. You have an overview of the changes and can make changes in a published form. And hereby all answers about all versions will be merged for you. When you make changes to a published form, the version number of the form is automatically updated. The change is linked to the person who made the change.
Use your own familiar Excel formulas. Even go a step further and integrate an existing Excel file with all the necessary formulas to link the calculations and lists to your form. Every new Excel upload is automatically updated in the form.

Smart calculations

Respond quickly to the market

With the possibilities of Diamond, your customer can quickly and at any time make a budget or quotation. You can define your own formulas and use a quote engine via the data connector. In addition, your own Excel file can be linked. The result is immediately displayed in the form. A formatted PDF quotation is then automatically emailed. With Diamond's quotation tools, your customer is served directly, you create the perfect online appearance and you quote faster than your competitor.

Multi language and local offices

Smart corporate fit

The international market is easily accessible with Diamond. This way you can create one form in multiple languages ​​and download all results in one file. This makes management clear and adjustments easy. And by setting preferred languages ​​for contacts, they will receive all emails, such as invitations and replies, in their own language.

The local offices mode makes it possible to set up its own corporate identity for each subsidiary with its own users, departments, e-mails, forms and workflows.

100% upgrade guarantee

Customization without worries

Are you looking for full support for a specific business process, where our standard solutions do not meet? Then it is good to know that the Diamond team has extensive experience in developing additional functionalities quickly and reliably. With which you have 100% upgrade guarantee on the combination of your extra functionalities and the updates of our standard product.