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Get started quickly and carefree

The Diamond Online Forms software is safe and meets modern compliance requirements. Purchasing, IT and compliance departments will be happy with the support. This allows your organization to get started quickly and carefree.

Laws and regulations

Meet all GDPR requirements

When you create and publish online forms for the purpose of collecting personal information, you are required to comply with European regulations for the protection of personal data. With Diamond's privacy settings, you meet all requirements.

  • Categorization of fields and forms.
  • 100% data erasure.
  • Automatic periodic deletion of entered data.

Data encryption

Store and exchange data securely

All Diamond forms and responses are encrypted and stored unreadable. Encryption takes place automatically and in the background. Invisible. Always.

In addition, all outgoing e-mails, such as invitations, reminders and confirmations are sent encrypted. In this way we ensure that your communication cannot be read by others.

Certified data center

Flexible and compliant hosting

Diamond's hosting options are flexible. Whether single-tenant or multi-tenant, via our own cloud or an external cloud such as Azure or Amazon or in your own environment: all variations are possible. Even the hybrid hosting model with partial hosting in the Cloud, while the privacy-sensitive information is hosted in your own environment, is no problem. Our own cloud is located at a professional data center in the Netherlands that complies with the correct certifications and with excellent backbone connections. We offer the possibility to choose the solution that suits you.

Diamond's privacy settings allow you to create and manage data classification categories for your organization. This makes it easier to find personal information.
When responses or relations are deleted, that data is permanently deleted. With this 100% data erasure, Diamond meets recognized international standards.
Diamond has the option that entered data is automatically deleted.
All Diamond forms and responses are encrypted and unreadable by default. Encryption takes place automatically in the background.
Email messages are sent fully encrypted. Privacy-sensitive and confidential email messages can only be viewed by the person for whom the message is intended.
Diamond is hosted at a data center in the Netherlands with an excellent backbone connection and that meets ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and ISAE 3000 / SOC2 Type 1 certification.
To prevent unauthorized access to Diamond, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be used via the common authenticator apps from Google and Microsoft. Once linked to Diamond, the app displays a constantly changing set of codes that can be used to log in.
Diamond is pen tested several times a year. During the pen test, legal hackers try to gain access to Diamond. They map the security level and provide insight into weaknesses and risks within the application, networks and systems. So that we can take targeted precautions.
At your request, we link Diamond to iDIN, eHerkenning and DigiD to establish the identity of your relations. With this wide choice of login methods, you make the use of your online forms accessible and customer-friendly.

User management

Comply with compliance rules of your organization

Compliance stands or falls with the correct organizational structure. Diamond makes this easy for you. With extensive user management, you can give your employees exactly the rights and roles they need. And if something changes within your organization, you can adjust it just as easily. This way you can immediately respond to changes.

To prevent unauthorized access to Diamond, you can enable two-factor authentication for all users. This extra layer of security is designed to prevent others from accessing Diamond, even if a username and password falls into the wrong hands.

Dutch standards

Identify relations digitally

Your relations are used to conducting their affairs online. To prevent fraud, it is important that you can establish the identity of your relations with certainty. Unfortunately, online identification or logging in is complicated and time-consuming due to regulations. Because Diamond can provide links for various Dutch online verification services such as IDIN, you offer your relations convenience with a secure and fast digital identity check.