A non-profit is allowed to generate income and make a profit as long as it is reinvested in the organization. Use these investments to increase your relevance, transparency and communication with Diamond. Sharing information, knowledge and facilitating communication play an increasingly important role in every organization, and with the right forms and workflow software you can organize these processes as efficiently as possible. Effectiveness, cost control and your members are central to this.

Your main benefits

  • Reduce administration, no more retyping or incorrectly filled out forms.
  • Take care of registrations and deregistrations, changes and complaint handling with simple online forms that are directly linked to the administration systems.
  • Easily organize online surveys, tests, polls and surveys.
  • Set styling, emails and templates with our forms.
  • Quickly and easily adjust your forms and associated workflows without knowledge of ICT.
  • Create multilingual, GDPR proof, flexible and digitally signed forms.
  • Also create quick overviews, analyses, evaluations and reports.
  • Link forms to your trusted Excel files and/or internal or external calculation tools via the data connector.
  • Let new members sign up easily or sign up right away.
  • Process payments and donations automatically.
  • Register obtained certificates and registrations directly in your administration.
  • Request privacy-sensitive information for applications, for example.
  • Easily organize knowledge tests and surveys.
  • Easily handle the application and onboarding of employees or volunteers.

Diamond makes your administration work more efficiently with smart forms and automated processes linked to your own templates with brand styling. With the flexibility that you get with Diamond forms and workflow, you can immediately respond to changes within your association or foundation.

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Sign-up form

Register immediately

You can set up an efficient registration process by using Diamond's forms. The following Diamond features enable your organization to store data properly the first time and do not have to correct or retrieve it afterwards:

  • Links to databases and files to pre-enter known data and to process adjustments immediately.
  • Conditions on questions, question sets and pages so that only relevant questions are shown.
  • Automatic corrections of entered data.
  • Internal 'check and improve' options for your own employees.

Candidate registration form

Work safe and secure

It happens regularly that privacy-sensitive information is sent via forms. Security measures are therefore important to ensure that information does not just leak out and that your processes meet the relevant security requirements. With Diamond you immediately meet the following safety and compliance requirements:

  • AVG support for fields
  • 100% data erasure
  • periodic pen tests
  • encrypted forms, responses and emails
  • login with 2FA
  • on premise, cloud hosting in the Netherlands or cloud option with all known cloud suppliers

Payment forms

Process payments

With Diamond it is not only possible to collect information via forms, but also payment information can be collected. Online payments can be completed in forms through the available links with various payment providers, for example:

  • Mollie
  • Paypal
  • Adyen
  • Multisafepay
  • Bucharoo
  • Ogone

Course reservations

Different brand stylings

With Diamond, you as an umbrella organization are able to set styling, e-mails, templates and languages ​​for each individual. This way everyone can insert their own styling and personalized elements, but you can receive all information in a uniform way.

Complaint form

Excellent complaint handling

As an organization you naturally want the best experience for your members and employees. For example, with a good complaint handling process. With Diamond's forms you can gain a quick and clear insight into where things are going wrong and how this can be resolved. In addition, all Diamond forms are GDPR compliant, so you immediately meet all requirements.