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With Diamond you simplify and optimize every work process! Quickly create forms for work orders, inspections and work instructions yourself with the simple interface, unique functions and components.

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Work orders are often created using (paper) forms. This data must later be entered into systems and sent back to the customer for approval or additional input. With digital forms, automatic actions, and controls, this entire process can be transformed into a streamlined workflow for digital work orders.

Digitize work orders and instructions

Diamond offers advanced forms creation features for work orders, recordings and inspections. Diamond's actions and links are fully customizable, so you can fine-tune the forms and workflows to fit your needs.

  • Set up automatic mail actions that start after your employee or customer has sent the form.
  • Automate complex calculations within forms to avoid calculation errors and discussions.
  • Scan barcodes directly into forms with the camera of a phone or tablet.
  • Have form data retrieved and written to your own systems and databases.
  • Set up automatic checks and validations on form data.
Werkbonnen Formulier Met Barcode

Unique features for every challenge

With the extensive functions of Diamond, setting up inspections and work orders is arranged in no time. Check out the features of Diamond that speed up your processes.

Data exchange with other software

The possibilities to connect to external sources when retrieving or writing back data are endless. Store data entered by the form user in your own systems and pre-load form fields and show calculations by connecting to internal and external databases, Excel sheets and APIs.

You can specify in detail when data actions should be performed, making you fully in control.

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Excel formulas and files for complex calculations

Use your own familiar Excel formulas. Even go a step further and integrate an existing Excel file with all the necessary formulas to link the calculations and lists to your form. Every new Excel upload is automatically updated in the form.

Define automatic escalation rules

Set rules in advance and automatically escalate them when the criteria defined are met. You can define criteria for the escalation yourself and set the escalation actions that need to be carried out whenever an escalation action is triggered.

Transform data directly into the desired writing format

Transform entered data into the correct format for your organization when leaving a form field. Apply various pre-set transformations like uppercase conversion, postal codes and (inter) national telephone numbers. And in addition, define your own transformations using regular expressions.

Flexible routing after completion

After completing a form, you can set up the routing to your relations or employees in an intelligent way. Make the actions to be performed dependent on the answers given to the questions and use the answers as parameters in e-mail and document texts.

Integrated contact management

With the integrated contact management tool, you can add contacts and send them invitations for personal forms in their preferred language. In addition, after completing a form, a new contact can be created in addition to the response. You can then approach this new relationship with personal invitations, in his preferred language, with pre-entered data.

Werkbon Inventarisatie Formulier

Simplify registrations for every process

Diamond's unique features make performing checks faster and easier. With calculations directly in the form, automatic generation of documents and sending of e-mails, and the legally valid digital signature, Diamond is ideal for:

  • Digital work orders and work instructions
  • Intake forms and reports
  • Examination forms
  • Inspection forms
  • Registration forms
  • Quality assurance¬†
  • Inventory forms
Diamond workflow)

Diamond workflow tools

Optimize your work order processes, convert manual steps to automatic flows with checks and validations.

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Diamond document generator)

Diamond document generator

Generate files like registrations and order from form data and questions, determine the styling with your own templates.

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