Inspection forms

Convert your inspection processes from paper to digital, with digital inspection forms and forms automation! Get started quickly with unique functions and components to set up forms for checks, tests and inspections yourself.

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Data for safety inspections and quality control is often still collected using paper forms. The data is then transferred into our own systems and sent back to the customer. Convert this entire process now into one clear, well-arranged inspection forms workflow, to be carried out via tablet or mobile.

Digitize inspections and controls

With advanced features for creating digital inspection forms:

  • Set up automatic checks and validations on inspection form data.
  • Automate complex calculations within forms.
  • Scan barcodes in forms using the camera of a phone or tablet.
  • Upload images in form replies.

That's not all, Diamond's automated actions and links can be fully personalized. So you can organize any inspections to match your needs.

  • Set up automatic email actions that start after your inspector or customer has sent the form.
  • Have form data retrieved and written to your own systems and databases.

Unique functionalities for all your inspections

Diamond's extensive features make it easy to complete inspections and issue certificates. View Diamond features that speed up your processes.

Generate documents from data

Generate Word and PDF documents with completed form data, formatted with your own Word documents as a template. Conditional tables can also be added in templates to perfectly match each unique relationship.

Data exchange with other software

The possibilities to connect to external sources when retrieving or writing back data are endless. Store data entered by the form user in your own systems and pre-load form fields and show calculations by connecting to internal and external databases, Excel sheets and APIs.

You can specify in detail when data actions should be performed, making you fully in control.

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Flexible routing after completion

After completing a form, you can set up the routing to your relations or employees in an intelligent way. Make the actions to be performed dependent on the answers given to the questions and use the answers as parameters in e-mail and document texts.

Scan barcodes in forms

Use the barcode component to let users scan barcodes directly into a form, using their phone, tablet or PC camera. Simplify the identification of different objects, retyping complex sequences or searching through long lists is a thing of the past.

Digital signing via Scrive

We support digital signing via Scrive, a reliable SaaS supplier with whom we have entered into a partnership. The blockchain-based software complies with all major electronic signature and data privacy laws, including eIDAS, GDPR, ESIGN and UETA.

Repeating question(set)s

If it is not clear in advance how many answers on one question your relation will enter, you can specify that the user can add the number of answers (sets) himself. Handy when for example you ask users to enter his completed courses with the date of obtaining the diploma.

Werkbon Inventarisatie Formulier

Simplify registrations with smart forms

Diamond's unique features make carrying out inspections and checks faster and easier. With calculations directly in the form, automatic generation of documents and sending e-mails, and the legally valid digital signature, Diamond is ideal for:

  • Digital audits and checklists
  • Recording forms and reports
  • Installation inspections
  • Security checks
  • Registrations & inventories
  • Quality assurance

Every conceivable type of form 

With Diamond's extensive features, you have forms, workflows and documents in one flexible forms management software solution that suits your organization. See what Diamond can do for you:

Diamond features
Diamond document generator)

Generate documents

Automatically convert your inspection forms into fully formatted documents, with logo, images and styling.

Document generator

Digitally sign inspection forms

Sign inspections and checks with one click, legally sound. Make things even easier for your clients and employees.

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