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What features to select to give a legible and indelible impression of the extensive possibilities of Diamond Online Forms? What makes Diamond stand out from the crowd? Tough questions. We believe it's a combination of many standard features, and these 5 distinctive characteristics.

Integrate with everything

Integrate with everything

Focus your forms on making the lives of your contact as easy as possible. Prefilled forms are designed to do just that. Diamonds Online Forms can connect with any system or cloud service. When creating forms it takes just a few clicks to set up links to internal databases and web services. Creating two-way interaction and also store completed data wherever it is needed. Without requiring a programmer's support.

Flexible hosting that also works for security-conscious enterprises

Single-tenant, multi-tenant using the Fenêtre private cloud, or on premises hosting. All options are open. Even a hybrid model, where you participate with a multi-tenancy solution in the cloud while maintaining a local on premise solution where they store sensitive intellectual property and ensure data sovereignty. Naturally hosted in a professional data centre in the Netherlands with excellent backbone connections, and is ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 en ISAE 3000 / SOC2 Type 1 certified. Like Diamond itself, it’s less about choosing the best solution out of the options, and more about choosing the option that’s right for you.

Fully customised

As your business needs may not be standard it is good to know that you are working with a partner that is actively committed to your business needs.

Diamond Online Forms combines is built on years of experience developing successful applications by Fenêtre Online Solutions. As a multidisciplinary company we excel at translating complex business processes into intuitive online solutions.

We have been developing online solutions and application integrations for almost 15 years for a variety of clients, and have a proven track record in financial services, education, and health services.

Multiple languages in a single form

Diamond supports multiple languages for a single form. All answers over different languages can be exported in a single file. So, no more hassle in combining various files.  Next to that, you are able to manage the available languages yourself. That is not limited to just the questions, answer options, hint and help texts. Providing you ultimate focus on your contacts.

Simple to complex calculations

Use the Excel formulas you are familiar with. Just like in Excel simple mathematical expressions with one operator, as well as complex formulas containing more than one mathematical operator can be created. 

Maybe even more flexible is just to integrate the entire external Excel sheet you are familiar to work with to calculate inline formulas in your form flieds. And when it changes? The is form automatically updated. It doesn‘t get any easier than this.

Safely make changes in a live form

Whether you need to make some small changes, or overhaul a form completely, the possibility of losing currently submitted information leads to cluttered workflows and reports. After every edit Diamond stores a new version, keeping also the previous ones alive. A side-effect of using is that it acts as a backup: A full-blown version of the form, including the complete history can be consulted any time. Giving you ultimate flexibility.

Curious to see the full list?

Check out the complete Diamond feature list. It's quite awesome, if we do say so ourselves. If there is something you are seeking that you do not see on our features list, just contact us.

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