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Forms play an important role in almost all organizations. Unfortunately, many organizations still work with paper forms. Smart digital forms are the solution to quickly make a digital move for all types of industries and processes.

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We all know it as a user: again those clumsy paper forms that have to be printed, completed, scanned and sent. To be manually retyped by an employee with possible errors and extra work. Then follows the follow-up of missing or incorrectly entered information. And then the whole circus can start all over again.

Frustrating and time consuming for all parties involved. Yet, strangely enough, paper forms are still widely used instead of digital forms. For example with

  • registrations,
  • structured documents,
  • declarations,
  • check lists,
  • subsequent settlements,
  • and evaluations.

These administrative and logistical processes can be organized much more efficiently. In such situations, digitizing paper forms and the associated processes is the solution.

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Digital forms are a solution to quickly make a digital move for all types of industries and processes. Through workflow and business process management, this forms software can fully digitize your business process.

Diamond's digital forms solution also offers many additional options.

  • workflow and automation tools
  • document generation
  • digital signatures
  • business process management

This allows the smart digital forms to fully digitize your business process. Improve the lead time of your entire chain with Diamond and achieve even better financial returns for your company!

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