Digitaal ondertekenen

Digital signing via Scrive

In Diamond it is possible to sign a form by signing with the mouse, touchscreen or by uploading an image of a hand-signed signature. In addition, with Diamond it is possible to digitally sign forms such as agreements, policies and quotations with a single click, legally conclusive. You shorten the processing time and make it even easier for your relations.

We support digital signing via Scrive, a reliable SaaS supplier with whom we have entered into a partnership. The blockchain-based software complies with all major electronic signature and data privacy laws, including eIDAS, GDPR, ESIGN and UETA.

Digital signing is the next step on your digital journey.

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Choosing the right online forms tool may be tough. We understand that very well. Would you like to experience the power of our all-in-one solution? ​​

The possibilities to connect to external sources when retrieving or writing back data are endless. Store data entered by the form user in your own systems and pre-load form fields and show calculations by connecting to internal and external databases, Excel sheets and APIs. You can specify in detail when data actions should be performed, making you fully in control.
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Use your own familiar Excel formulas. Even go a step further and integrate an existing Excel file with all the necessary formulas to link the calculations and lists to your form. Every new Excel upload is automatically updated in the form.
Diamond supports multiple languages ​​for one form. All answers from the different languages ​​can be exported in a file. No more hassle with combining different files. You can of course manage the different languages ​​yourself. That is not limited to just the questions, answer options, hint and help texts. So that you have ultimate focus on your contacts.
Whether you need to make a few minor changes or completely overhaul a form, the risk of losing existing information leads to messy workflows and reports. After each edit, Diamond saves a new version, so that the previous versions also remain available. And a bonus: there is immediately a backup copy of the form. The jug, including the full history, can be accessed at any time. Maximum flexibility for you.
Do you need to completely integrate your Diamond solution within a specific business process that is unique to your organization and where a standard solution is not sufficient? Then it is good to know that the Diamond team has extensive experience in developing additional functionalities quickly and reliably. Diamond offers a 100% upgrade guarantee on the combination of extra functionalities and updates of the standard product.
Diamond is hosted at a data center in the Netherlands. This data center serves an excellent backbone connection and meets ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and ISAE 3000 / SOC2 Type 1 certifications.