You work on smart products and services to tackle international challenges. Products of which technology is an important part. With Diamond you enable your employees to work more efficiently, to get a grip on complex processes, workflows and documents.

Your main benefits

  • Define and track your processes with workflow, preventive alerts and logs.
  • Less administration, no more retyping or incorrectly filled out forms.
  • Complex forms with conditions, links, automatic corrections, pre-filled data, etc.
  • Respond quickly to developments. You can quickly and easily adjust your forms yourself without an ICT department.
  • Link forms to your trusted Excel files and internal or external calculation tools via the data connector.
  • Create GDPR proof, flexible and digitally signed forms.
  • Make it easy to request complex quotations with underlying calculations via quotation forms.
  • Offer your forms in the languages ​​of all countries in which you operate.
  • Easily organize knowledge tests and surveys.
  • Easily handle the application and onboarding of employees.
Diamond Features

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Quote request

Prepare and issue complex quotations

Due to the complexity of quotations in the high-tech sector, it is important that your organization organizes the quotation issuing process as effectively as possible in order to achieve the best results. With the extensive functionalities of Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs you can request the data in a streamlined and structured way, so you can use an interactive form:

  • instantly make and display calculations
  • create a personalized quote as a PDF and email it to the customer
  • pay online and generate the final invoice
  • automatically save the data in your back office system


Shorten your processes

To keep up with the fast-moving technological advancements, it is wise to have strong but flexible process lines within your organization. This allows you to work efficiently and flexibly. With Diamond you have the opportunity to realize this. You can connect to external sources to retrieve or write data. Data from completed forms can be stored directly in other systems and Diamond can be linked to almost all applications, systems and databases, so that all data can be displayed directly in a form. This way your organization is not limited to one system.

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Multilingual functionalities

Flexible and scalable

Due to the continuous innovation within the high-tech industry, flexibility is a big plus for organizations. Thanks to Diamond's extensive functionalities and rapid implementation, you are flexible and scalable. This makes it easy to create forms with multiple languages ​​in one form. The multilingualism not only applies to the questions, but also to answer options, hints, help texts and buttons. All answers from the different languages ​​can be exported and analyzed in one file. This way the analysis remains easy. New languages ​​can easily be added to an existing form. Editing forms that are already 'live' offers the possibility to adapt quickly.


Grow with your market

The high-tech sector has been growing rapidly in recent years and although more and more processes are being automated, the growth also brings more jobs. Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs enables your organization to find and handle the best candidate using the following form functions:

  • terms and conditions on questions, question sets and pages
  • brandstyle per form, document and email template
  • various types of reminders and escalations
  • extensive Email functionalities
  • configurable Word/PDF generations based on answers


Perform calculations automatically

Performing calculations manually takes a lot of time and the chance of miscalculations is relatively high. In Diamond it is possible to use Excel formulas that automatically apply calculations based on the entered fields. You can even go one step further and integrate an existing Excel file to link the calculations and lists directly to your forms. This way your back office department saves time and you always know for sure that the calculations are 100% correct.