The healthcare industry is known for the large amount of paperwork. Forms are used for patient records, prescriptions, timesheets, exam results, and more. Digital forms are therefore ideal for use in healthcare.

Your main benefits

  • Define and track your care processes including workflow, preventive alerts and logs.
  • Create forms for patient files, medication registrations, time registrations, or research requests.
  • Medical forms with conditions, links, automatic corrections, pre-filled data, etc.
  • Link forms to your trusted Excel files and internal or external calculation tools via the data connector.
  • Create multilingual, GDPR proof, flexible and digitally signed forms.
  • Facilitate legally valid digital signatures.
  • Easily handle the application and onboarding of employees.
  • Less administration, no more retyping or incorrectly filled out forms.
  • Respond quickly to developments. You can quickly and easily adjust your forms yourself without an ICT department.
Diamond Features

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Efficient business operations

When completing extensive patient and medical forms that request detailed information, there is a chance that some of the questions will be completed incompletely. This ensures that you spend a lot of time finding out missing or correcting incorrectly entered data. You can overcome this with these Diamond functionalities:

  • links and workflow with databases and files
  • known data is pre-filled
  • automatic corrections
  • conditions on questions, question sets and pages
  • flexible assessment options for own employees

100% secure

Trusted and carefree

In the health sector where most data is privacy sensitive, it would be a disaster if high security and compliance requirements are not met. If you use Diamond, you can effortlessly meet all modern compliance requirements. This allows you to create and manage your organization's data classification categories yourself. Deleted data is 100% deleted (GDPR compliant). Forms and e-mails are stored and sent encrypted. This allows your organization to work in a trusted and carefree way.


Connect your systems

Streamline your work and care processes with other systems and resources. With Diamond you have unlimited possibilities to connect to internal and external sources to retrieve or write data.

Linking data from databases, Excel files, internal or external web services and APIs is a piece of cake with Diamond. For example, it is possible to display data from any system in digital forms and data from completed forms can be stored directly in other systems.

Digital signature

Immediately issue certificates

Standard care forms that are issued in accordance with applicable administrative regulations can increasingly be digitally signed. Your organization can benefit from this with Diamond. Have forms digitally signed immediately. Then automatically send a signed PDF with the form data to your employees or patients.

expert customization

Respond to developments

Healthcare is evolving rapidly, and this brings with it some great opportunities. The Diamond team offers your organization customization and the possibility to develop additional functionalities quickly and reliably. Thanks to the efficient implementation, you can respond quickly to internal and external market needs. This way you experience immediate results and ROI.