Relevance, security and communication are important concepts for any government organization. Sharing information, knowledge and facilitating secure communication are playing an increasingly important role. Diamond's online forms, document generation, and automatic workflows improve service to your citizens with effective, easy-to-use forms.

Your main benefits

  • Reduce administration, no more retyping or incorrectly filled out forms.
  • Take care of registrations and deregistrations, changes and complaint handling with simple online forms that are directly linked to the administration systems.
  • Meet the highest security and compliance requirements.
  • Create multilingual, GDPR proof, flexible and digitally signed forms.
  • Easily organize online surveys, tests, polls and surveys.
  • Set styling, emails and templates. Completely in accordance with your house style.
  • Easily adjust your forms and associated workflows yourself without knowledge of ICT.
  • Create quick overviews, analyses, evaluations and reports.
  • Use the Data Connector to link forms to your trusted Excel files and/or internal or external calculation tools.
  • Offers relations the opportunity to make any complaints known to you.
  • Process payments and donations automatically.
  • Easily handle the application and onboarding of employees or volunteers.
  • Automate manual processes through workflows and automatic actions.

Automatically generate Excel, PDF and Word files with entered data.
Diamond makes your administration work more efficiently, all through smart, pre-filled forms, system links and automatic actions. With the flexibility that you get with Diamond, you increase the user-friendliness of your forms.

Diamond Features


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Integrate your systems

Connect other systems and resources to streamline your work processes. With Diamond, you have unlimited possibilities to connect to internal and external sources to retrieve or write data. Manual processes can be converted to automatic workflows.

Linking data from databases, Excel files, internal or external web services and APIs is a piece of cake with Diamond. It is possible to display data from any system in forms, and data from completed forms can be stored directly in other systems.

GDPR proof form

Work secure and carefree

In the government sector where most data is privacy sensitive, it could have drastic consequences if high security and compliance requirements are not met. With Diamond you effortlessly meet all modern compliance requirements and GDPR regulations. For example, in application forms for access passes and formal documents such as a passport or driving licence.

  • AVG support for fields
  • 100% data erasure
  • Periodic Pen Tests
  • On premise, cloud hosting in the Netherlands or cloud option with all known cloud suppliers
  • Keep forms and responses encrypted and unreadable
  • Send fully encrypted emails

International use

Multilingual support

Government processes do not remain within language and national borders, so the language barrier can be an obstacle. Not with Diamond. You can easily create forms in any language in the world. With multiple languages ​​within one form.

Analyzing and managing the responses remains simple because all responses can be exported in one file. You can manage the different languages ​​for each form, not only for the questions but also for answer options, hints and help texts.


Show calculations from Excel directly in forms

Performing calculations manually and adjusting them annually takes a lot of time and the chance of miscalculations is relatively high. In Diamond it is possible to use Excel formulas that automatically apply calculations based on the entered fields. You can even go one step further and integrate an existing Excel file to link the calculations and lists directly to your forms. The results of the calculations are shown in the form and recalculated in case of an adjustment. This way your back office department saves time and you always know for sure that the calculations are 100% correct.