Diamond offers solutions for various challenges within your educational institution and has added value for every team from primary education to university. We have extensive experience in the education sector and are happy to help you convert your challenges into well-functioning solutions.

Your main benefits

  • Minder administratie: nooit meer overtypen of verkeerd ingevulde formulieren.
  • Pas zelf eenvoudig formulieren aan zonder ICT afdeling.
  • Laat respondenten alleen invullen wat nodig is met vooringevulde formulieren
  • Neem snel toetsen af en koppel met uw LMS.
  • Maak makkelijk intake, toestemmings- en beoordelingsformulieren.
  • Maak handige analyses, evaluaties en rapportages.
  • Verzorg gemakkelijk de sollicitatie en onboarding van medewerkers.

Diamond laat de administratie effici├źnter werken door een aanmeldproces zonder onnodig overtypwerk en handmatige correcties en faciliteert de voorbereiding van beoordelingsgesprekken. En dit allemaal door slimme vriendelijke en vooraf ingevulde formulieren in uw eigen huisstijl. Met de flexibiliteit die u met Diamond in huis haalt speelt u direct in op veranderingen in het onderwijs. Bovendien voldoet u direct aan de hoogste veiligheidseisen.



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Sign up forms

Register new students

When registering new students, you use personal data such as a BSN number, date of birth, gender and zip code. The collection and processing must comply with privacy legislation.

You can request this personal data, together with any other registration data, safely and easily via a Diamond form. Including a copy of an ID. After the data has been automatically exchanged with your student administration system, the data from the proof of identity can be automatically deleted 100%. With this you immediately comply with the privacy law.

Score forms

Take tests online

Taking online tests has its own challenges and frameworks and has a number of advantages over paper tests. With the many possibilities of Diamond, converting existing paper to interactive online tests is a piece of cake.

  • Add short videos.
  • Automate question grading.
  • Analyze problem points of a group.
  • Attach scores to answers.

Parent-teacher meetings

Schedule meetings

At the start of the new school year, the introductory meetings will be scheduled again. Every time it's a big puzzle to coordinate the agenda of teachers, students and parents. With Diamond that is a thing of the past. With a dynamic form you let everyone immediately choose a suitable time for an appointment.

Evaluation forms

Evaluate (online) lessons

Use practical evaluation forms to gain insight into how students, teachers and parents experience contacts with your organization and where you may be able to improve. Diamond allows you to compile standardized concept questionnaires that teachers can supplement with their own questions

Permission forms

Send out permission forms

A consent form is now largely established in education. For example, for sharing photos and videos on the school website or on social media. With Diamond you can easily create an online consent form that is legally valid and complies with the requirements of the GDPR.

Assessment forms

Prepare assessment interviews

Assessing teachers is a time-consuming task. You want to do this as carefully as possible within the time you have for this. An assessment form is then a useful tool. In Diamond, you only need to create a review form once. You can easily save this in your own forms library. You can reuse it as many times as you want. Before the meeting, you simply send all teachers a personal invitation to fill in the form.