Flexible and adaptable

Generic and specific application

Diamond not only improves overall business operations, but is well suited for industry-specific applications such as: ​​

With our general and industry-specific templates, Diamond can be quickly deployed as a solution within your organization.

Below are some examples of common applications:

Employer's statement​

Streamline processes

An employer's statement is required if a lender needs a picture of your employee's financial situation. With Diamond you can fill in the forms so that the employer statement is streamlined and easy.


Grow with the market

The labor market has been under considerable pressure in recent years. Diamond enables your organization to find and treat the best candidate using the following features:

  • Terms and conditions on questions, question sets and pages
  • Corporate identity styling per form, document and email template
  • Various types of reminders and escalations
  • Extensive email functionality
  • Configurable Word / PDF documents based on the answers given


Excellent complaint handling

As an organization you naturally want the best experience for your relations and employees. For example, with a good complaint handling process. With Diamond's forms you can gain a quick and clear insight into where things are going wrong and how this can be resolved. In addition, all Diamond forms are GDPR compliant, so you immediately meet all requirements.


Prepare assessment interviews

The annual employee assesment interviews are a time-consuming task. You want to do this as carefully as possible within the time available to ensure you can be as thorough as needed. Then an assessment form is a useful tool. In Diamond, you only need to create a review form once. You can easily save this in your own forms library. And you can reuse it as many times as you want. Before the interview, you simply send all employees a personal invitation to fill in the form in advance.

Free your organization from paperwork, get more insights and allow your employees to work faster and more conveniently.

Discover how you can use Diamond to optimize business processes.

Diamond features

SMEs and multinationals in various industries rely on Diamond ​

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Flexible and customizable forms software that suits every organization.

More than 15 years ago, we realized our first online form with a distant ancestor of Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs.

To remain successful, companies must be able to quickly adapt to rapidly changing customer demands. Diamond Forms, Flows & Docs is therefore flexible and adaptable for every industry.

We have been able to help at least 50 customers with online forms and workflows. Every customer is different. Every customer requires a different approach. And they get it too.