Facilitate labor-intensive process

GGD Haaglanden monitors, protects and promotes public health in nine municipalities in the Haaglanden region. To promote the expertise of its own professionals, GGD Haaglanden regularly organizes meetings in which current affairs, professional developments and new working methods are discussed.

Professionals wishing to attend a meeting must register in advance. An online registration form was used for this, whereby the processing took place completely manually. This method was labor-intensive and did not meet the wishes of GGD Haaglanden.

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Complete process handline with online forms

With Diamond, a single process has now been set up with one central registration form in which the healthcare professional can register for all upcoming meetings. A few days before the actual meeting, the participants will receive a personal form with the request for final confirmation. Their details have already been entered. Professionals who have not registered and still want to participate at the last minute can still register by scanning a QR code that refers to the registration form.

Diamond offers extensive options to define your own email templates for (expired) invitations, reminders, confirmations, and notifications. You can use all contact details as well as the information entered to create personalized email templates. Use the handy merge fields to respond with one template on behalf of different sites.
Make sure that the forms end up exactly in the right place after filling in and ensure that follow-up is (possibly) arranged differently.
With Diamond you merge entered data with a document template into a Word and / or PDF document. Add your own standard or start with one of the available basic templates and personalize it as desired. You can add advanced functionality, such as conditional tables, to your document template yourself.
With the document generator you can create all the templates you need for professional communication with your relations. The possibilities are endless. Use your own Word documents as a style template or download and personalize the available basic template. Define the references to questions and entered values ​​to merge entered data into Word and PDF documents that are sent to your relation immediately after completing a form. In addition to the standard options, Diamond offers advanced functionality such as conditional tables. Or add the generated documents as a parameter to a web service.
Diamond is hosted at a data center in the Netherlands with an excellent backbone connection and that meets ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and ISAE 3000 / SOC2 Type 1 certification.
Diamond's experienced consultants support you with information analysis or process design. They think along with you. About how to organize your processes more efficiently. Their motto is: it can always be better and above all easier. So that you create space for what is really important: the growth of your own organization.
Met het geïntegreerde relatiebeheer kunt u vooraf relaties toevoegen en ze uitnodigingen sturen voor persoonlijke formulieren in hun eigen voorkeurstaal. Daarnaast kan na het invullen van een formulier naast de reactie ook een nieuwe relatie aangemaakt worden. Zodat u deze nieuwe relatie daarna met persoonlijke uitnodigingen, in zijn voorkeurstaal, met vooraf ingevulde gegevens kunt benaderen.


Short process analysis

To gain a good insight into the desired process and the requirements and wishes of the GGD Haaglanden, a short analysis was started. This showed that the use of Diamond supports both the easy self-publishing of online forms, as well as the handling after the meeting with Diamond.


Auto generated personal certificate

The GGD Haaglanden exports the attendance list for each meeting so that those present during the meeting can immediately confirm their presence. After the meeting, GGD Haaglanden will process the presence in Diamond and the participants will immediately receive a personal certificate regenerated by Diamond by email. Completely in the house style of GGD Haaglanden.


Automatically evaluate

Via the flexible mail templates and the pre-set send option, the participants automatically receive a personal invitation to fill out an evaluation form about the meeting they attended.