Minimize manual work

Polaris Assuradeuren acts as a power of attorney. They take over the entire insurance process. From taking out the policy, processing changes to settlement of claims. For many business insurances, data for the definitive premium calculation is periodically requested for subsequent settlements.

Polaris sent a PDF for each insurance policy that had to be completed manually. Even if there were no changes. Polaris processed this PDF manually in its own systems. The overview of who still had to respond was kept manually. Polaris's wish was to make recalculation easier for its relations and at the same time reduce the pressure on its own employees.


Grip on the process with a dynamic form

The existing PDF form has been replaced by a personal online Diamond form. Information that is already known is entered in advance. Each customer will only see the form of the insurance policies that he or she has taken out. With multiple insurance policies, data only has to be entered once, a relief for the customer. After Polaris has prepared the forms, relations receive an invitation by e-mail to check the data and supplement it where necessary.

Make sure that the forms end up exactly in the right place after filling in and ensure that follow-up is (possibly) arranged differently.
Set rules in advance to automatically escalate when the criteria defined are met. You can define criteria for the escalation yourself and set the escalation actions what happens next.
Diamond offers extensive options to define your own email templates for (expired) invitations, reminders, confirmations, and notifications. You can use all contact details as well as the information entered to create personalized email templates. Use the handy merge fields to respond with one template on behalf of different sites.
The possibilities to connect to external sources to retrieve or write data are very extensive. Immediately store data in your own systems once the form has been submitted. You set yourself when data actions should be performed. Retrieved data can be used to fill in fields and can be placed in different text fields via merge fields.
Complete integration within a specific business process that is truly unique to your organization and where a standard solution is not sufficient? Then it is good to know that the Diamond team has extensive experience in developing additional functionalities quickly and reliably. Diamond offers a 100% upgrade guarantee on the combination of extra functionalities and updates of the standard product.
You can easily drag questions onto your form using the intuitive form editor. By switching to the explorer, a structured overview of your form is immediately displayed. Questions, question sets, sections or entire pages are simply dragged and dropped within the form, copied with one mouse click, or saved as a set for other forms. You have direct access to all relevant form settings such as design, submission actions and sharing options.


Prefill customer details

After Polaris has made a selection of the insurance products for which the recalculation process must be started, the already known data is read into Diamond. One form is then automatically prepared per customer. In addition to a general part, the form contains a separate tab for each insurance with the relevant questions.

Within Diamond, the email address of a relation was first used to identify a unique relationship. However, this feature was not unique to Polaris, the customer number is used for that. During the implementation, this wish was immediately implemented within Diamond.


Automatically send reminders

The flexibility in sending invitations, setting automatic reminders and the ability to set escalation periods means that the Polaris team hardly has to worry about keeping track of the responses to forms. Saving them a lot of time and effort.


Save and finish later

While filling in the forms, specific company information, such as annual turnover, is requested. This is not always immediately at hand. Because the forms can be stored in the meantime, the data already entered do not have to be entered again. Relationships can continue where they left off. It's that easy.


Insight into the status of the forms

In responses list, Polaris has a handy overview of the status of the forms to be completed. At a glance they now can see which relations have or have not started filling in their settlement form. Polaris can easily set up custom made follow up actions for these customers.

Future wishes

Straight through processing

Preparing the selection and importing the completed forms is currently still a manual operation. Together with Polaris, we are investigating how we can retrieve this data as efficiently as possible and also automatically restore it to the backoffice software that Polaris uses.