The difference between an online form builder and a great online form builder

Our form builder just rocks. The intuitive Diamond form builder interface supports easy drag and drop and lets users learn new functionality step by step. Eventually also in making database and webservices connections. Saving and using your personal templates has never been so easy. Importing and inviting contacts is done in a breeze. Including the setup of automatic reminders.

Key benefits

No development skills needed

Just drag and drop your questions in the designer, and add your copy. Your form will come to life in a blink of an eye. 

Use the step-by-step guide to add services yourself to read and write data via webservices, webhooks, HTTP GET, HTTP POST, REST, and SOAP.

Integrate with your ecosystem

Use the connectors to import data from the internal or external data services and systems to create prefilled forms.

And be able to push the entered data back into the data stores with the validations and in the format your company needs.

Address a global audience

The single most important thing to address international audiences is to do so in their native language.

Create your form in multiple languages while retaining the ability to easily collect all responses in a single file.

Highlighted features

Start fast and easy

Use the drag and drop editor and the explorer style interface to get a structured overview of your form. Get started quickly with form, question set or question templates and add more complex functionalities along the way.

User-friendly forms

Stop bothering your target audience with irrelevant questions and options by using our rules and branching, repeating questions and automatic formatting. While doing this, receive the answers you need in the correct format for straight through processing.

Add submit actions

Show a summary, save answers in another application, send users an e-mail with a PDF of the answers and redirect your audience to the relevant webpage an submit.

Excel calculations

Use the familiar Excel formulas in your forms or go even further using Excel itself to make the most complex calculations and use data from worksheets in your form fields.

Multilanguage forms

Create one form in multiple languages while retaining the ability to easily collect all country responses in one single file. And change a multilanguage form quickly and easily without the hassle of changing dozens of forms.

Style and identity

Pre-set the look and feel of your corporate identity with your colors and fonts and design your own start and thank-you pages and feedback e-mails.

Al lot of question types

Diamond offers not only the usual functionality like single and multi-line radio, checkbox, select list, date calendar, e-mail and file upload but also signature, credit card, SEPA bank account and VAT.

Advanced options

Make connections with databases and webservices to fill questions or automatically handle answers. Or even create your own input controls using regular expressions and auto formatting and save them in your library for reuse.

Really understand all options yourself

Words cannot fully convey the actual experience of using Diamond

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