A good form is half the work

Filling in forms must be easy and clear. With as little effort as possible. With Diamonds options like prefilling, auto formatting, logical conditions and contextual help, users will flow through forms in a breeze. And at the same time deliver the data you need in the format you need. Error free and clear. Act as a form userĀ  yourself via the live preview option. Experience the form, put your assumptions to the test and improve the form accordingly. So users get the best experience.

Key benefits

Device independent

Users can complete the form wherever they are. Diamond forms work great on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Clear forms

Automatic checking for mandatory fields and clear structure smooths completing the form and minimizes the risk of errors.

Minimal effort

Imagine a form partly prefilled with data that is already known. Saving time and effort from start to finish.

Highlighted features

Save and finish later

Users are able to save the form when for example an urgent phone call comes in and are able pick up later to finish the rest.


Let users just type all the way, entered data is converted automatically into a preset formatting which you need.

Review before submit

Allow a final check on completeness and correctness before users submit the form.

Email confirmation

Provide vital verification of submitted details via email confirmation, optionally accompanied with a PDF of XML.

Progress feedback

Give users feedback on how far they are with filling the form by viewing percentages and/or bar of completion and/or page numbers along the way.


Create trust and encourage engagement by offering users a clean, and organised form. Leading users the way and showing only the relevant questions and options.

Soft landing

Create a landing page so users have no doubt about who is asking you to fill in the form, to explain why this form is needed, and how it will be handled.

Contextual help

Hints below, on the side, in a pop-up, or as placeholder text give users handy clues to proceed.

Really understand all options yourself

Words cannot fully convey the actual experience of using Diamond

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