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Be a professional. Fully control your own online forms, tweak styling and design. Diamond offerst a ton of functionalities with which you can realize and manage every conceivable type of online form. You can start right away without making high investments. Outsource specific business needs are in the professional hands of the Diamond development team. You can rely on a professional partner in the Netherlands.

Component options

  • Use default settings per component.
  • Select advanced settings per component.
  • Specific settings per component. For example: set step value, define orientation for sliders, select date format, set before and after date for date picker, show horizontal, set number of columns for checkboxes.
  • Make use of contextual help options.
  • Set pre-entered default values.
  • Display help texts in fields themselves so users know what is expected.
  • Pre-set data validation for Dutch zip code or (inter)national phone numbers.
  • Pre-set validation by masks or regular expressions.
  • Define your own custom validations.
  • Make use of predefined error messages or use a self-defined text.
  • Transform entered data directly to the desired format when leaving a field. For example Wc2N5dU becomes WC2N 5DU.
  • Add Excel formulas to perform calculations based on completed fields.
  • Make components repetitive, enabling multiple answers to a single field.
  • Create new components by combining existing fields and validation sets.
  • Add content fields such as texts and images.
  • Add document downloads.
  • Use images for fields for example for a multiple choice question.
  • Use the calendar field for a direct import of events to an external calendar.
  • Use the QR code field to allow users to continue working on their phone.
  • Show a summary of entered data before submitting.
  • Set scores on fields.
  • Allow online payments.
  • Use a file to import options from XLS or CSV.
  • Reference form fields in question labels to to display previously entered values directly in next questions.
  • New Add multiple connections to a component.


  • Add conditional logic to fields, groups, sections, and pages to hide or show them or make them mandatory or optional.
  • Combine rules before a condition will be executed.
  • Compare components with other components or a fixed value.
  • New Set conditions to mail actions.

Data connector

  • Connect to external sources to retrieve or write data.
  • Use XML, JSON or SOAP to communicate with web services.
  • Use different request methods such as GET, POST, PUT or DELETE.
  • Connect to your own database and use queries to retrieve or change data from it.
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server, ODBC, OLE DB, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.
  • Set when data actions are to be carried out. Like when leaving a field or page or when the user selects a specific field.
  • Use entered field values both in the request body or in the URL query of the data source.
  • Use retrieved data for prefilling fields.
  • Use merge fields to place retrieved data in various text fields.
  • Execute connections securely on the server.
  • Immediately save data in your own systems as soon as the form is submitted.
  • New Add a generated document as parameter for a webservice connection.


  • Set a score per answer option for dropdowns, radio buttons and electives.
  • Use formulas to add up scores.
  • Show or hide elements based on the score.
  • Show the score with the score overview component.
  • Write the total score to external sources through the connections.

Multi language

  • Support all languages of the world.
  • Create a single form in one or more languages to keep management and analysis simple.
  • Address your contacts in their native language.
  • Allow to switch languages without leaving the form.
  • Set your own default texts for every language.
  • New Use a local currency symbol in every language.

Form designer

  • Use the drag-and-drop functionality to quickly add elements.
  • Find elements fast with extensive search and filter options.
  • Copy single components, complete groups, sections or entire pages.
  • Add new pages wherever you want.
  • Divide pages into different parts using sections.
  • Use the swift page navigation to switch easy between pages.
  • Find individual components via keyword search in the explorer view.
  • Drag-and-drop sections, groups or components to other pages in the explorer view.
  • Switch between form languages within every question.
  • Save the form without publishing it or publish directly.
  • Make the form available between specific dates and times
  • Set conditions on forward or backward navigation.
  • Set actions on submit.
  • Preview and test the form on desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Fast and easy access to general form settings, styling or share actions.
  • Use key combinations to quickly save or publish to form.
  • New Make use of the templates to start a new form.

Form styling

  • No visible Diamond branding.
  • Define your company styling and design.
  • Create a form header and footer that matches with your website.
  • Set your company logo.
  • Define field label locations.
  • Add a clickable table of contents.
  • Show or hide the progress indicator.
  • Set your font, font size, and line spacing.
  • Save settings as a new theme.
  • Upload fonts using a URL or add locally installed fonts.

Form settings

  • Make a form publicly available, by a unique personal invitation or use a login page.
  • Limit the number of responses on a form.
  • Make the form available only within an iFrame.
  • Set the validation on required fields to per page or before submit.
  • Allow save and finish later.
  • Set expiration dates to individualised invitations.
  • Disable copying texts to the clipboard.
  • Define if an already filled personal form can be changed, will be overwritten of will become a new response.
  • Edit available form languages at any time.
  • Add your own tags to category forms in subject or group.

Actions on submit

  • Set e-mail actions on submit to respondents and employees.
  • Add the entered data as XLS, PDF, CSV and/or XML to email confirmations.
  • Define your own PDF template or use the default.
  • Add uploaded documents to e-mail actions.
  • Select a specific template per e-mail action.
  • Send e-mails in the respondents language.
  • Set CC or BCC e-mail addresses.
  • Attach your own files to e-mail confirmations.
  • New Include achieved scores in your mail action.


  • Pre-set reminders to invited contacts to complete the form.
  • Use reminders for internal escalations i.e. notice.
  • Use reminders for internal escalations.
  • Set reminders to a number of days, weeks or months or on a specific date.
  • Create repetitive reminders.
  • Define a specific template per reminder.

Share options

  • Use the share button for easy sharing options.
  • Copy the form link and share it as you please.
  • Shorten the form link with a logical name.
  • Share the form link as a QR code.
  • Use the HTML embed code to include the form in a website, portal or intranet.
  • Schedule sending of invitations on a specific date and time.
  • Invite only selected relations to complete te form.

Mail templates

  • Define templates for invitations, reminders or notifications, teams and confirmations.
  • Select available languages.
  • Use contact details to create personalised templates.
  • Use entered data to create personalised templates.
  • Define e-mail templates in either plain text and HTML.
  • Use group properties.
  • New Define templates for expired invitations.

Document templates

  • Generate Word and PDF from templates and merging of entered data.
  • Use your own Word documents as a base template.
  • Download and personalise the default base template.
  • Define references to component labels and entered values.
  • Use default templates to generate a quote or policy.
  • Use content blocks to add advanced functionality, like conditional tables, to your template.

File explorer

  • Upload files and images to use them in forms, e-mail template and document templates.
  • Structure files with folders.
  • Crop images on the fly.
  • Delete, download and rename files and folders.
  • Secure and illegible storage of files.

Contact management

  • Import contacts via Excel or CSV upload.
  • Add contacts manually.
  • Filter contacts on linked forms or status.
  • Select the preferred language per contact.
  • Link contacts to specific forms.
  • Invite contacts directly at import.
  • Send invitations later on.
  • Prefill the form for your contacts.
  • Export contacts to Excel or CSV.
  • Export only filtered contacts.
  • Add your own tags.
  • Remove contacts and all related data.

Complete forms

  • 100% responsive forms for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Save and finish later.
  • Automatic saving of entered data.
  • Question and answer chatbot integration.
  • Allow fully anonymous forms.

Form responses

  • View form responses and status.
  • Export entered data to XLS, CSV, PDF or Word.
  • Select a document template for a PDF or Word export.
  • View responses without downloading.
  • Filter exports on linked forms, dates, contact details or status.
  • Advanced filtering on entered form data.
  • Import in SPSS or Excel for in-depth analysis.
  • Set up a data source to write entered data to your back-end system.
  • Export responses in a vertical layout (transposed).
  • New Bulk PDF export using a document template.

User management

  • Create and manage users and user groups.
  • Define rights and roles for users and user groups.
  • Allow multiple roles for form creators and administrators.
  • Restrict forms and responses to specific users or user groups.
  • Set form themes for specific groups.
  • Set send actions for groups after completion.
  • Manage forms linked to a group.
  • Use group specific form share links.
  • Send group specific form invites to relations.


  • Forms are stored encrypted and illegibly.
  • Responses are stored encrypted and illegibly.
  • Datacentre with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISAE 3000 / SOC2 Type 1 certification.
  • Removed data is 100% removed (GDPR compliant).
  • Automatically remove entered data after processing it.
  • New Emails are sent fully encrypted.
  • New Data sensitivity indicator for all components.


  • Allow contacts to log in to your form portal to see all (to be completed) forms.
  • Allow contacts to view already completed forms.
  • Let the portal be designed in your own identity.
  • SAML en AzureAD integration.

Account settings

  • Set defaults for languages and themes.
  • Overwrite defaults in a form.


  • Use the API to retrieve contacts, responses and forms.
  • Use the API to generate dynamically defined new forms.
  • Use the API to create and invite contacts.
  • Secured by uniquely generated secure tokens.


  • Create your custom dashboard using widgets.


  • On request integrated with iDIN, DigiD and eHerkenning.
  • Login security via two-factor authentication.

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